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Chinese Wedding Traditions
Honor your heritage by incorporating one (or all!) of these timeless Chinese wedding traditions.

Chinese Reception Decor
From origami cranes to hanging paper lanterns, get stylish Chinese wedding decor ideas.

Chinese Wedding Favors
Leave a great last impression on your guests with a wedding favor that fits your theme.

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From finding your quipao to planning your Chinese wedding tea ceremony, is your go-to-source for finding Chinese wedding traditions and getting answers to all your Chinese wedding questions. Top searches include: Chinese wedding etiquette; Chinese wedding attire; Chinese wedding invitations; Chinese real weddings

Auspicious Wedding Dates of 2012

The year of the Dragon never just creeps in, it come in with a loud roar. So get ready for some life-altering events (marriage anyone?) this year. And since the Dragon is a symbol of good fortune in Chinese astrology, you can expect these big changes to bring plenty of good luck. Add another more

Posted Friday 1/20/2012


Chinese Weddings by Color: Red

Red is the color for Chinese weddings. This auspicious hue represents luck, happiness and joy--all the things that make for a great wedding and marriage! more

Posted Thursday 4/12/2012

by Jennie Ma 

Chinese Weddings by Color: Gold

You love gold weddings because they feel ultra luxe; your Chinese parents will love them because the color symbolizes wealth and fortune for you two. Get inspired by these gorgeous details with golden more

Posted Friday 1/13/2012

by Jennie Ma 

Chinese Weddings by Color: Silver

The quickest way to create a sleek and sophisticated wedding is to add a dash of silver. Now only will this metallic stunner add sparkle and shine, but it will also sprinkle on some Chinese symbolism for purity and more

Posted Thursday 1/19/2012

by Jennie Ma 

Chinese Weddings by Color: Pink

Think pink when it comes to Chinese weddings. Flirtier than the traditional red, this rosey hue represents love and more

Posted Thursday 1/19/2012

by Jennie Ma 


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